Nozomi Riyadh

Nozomi Jeddah

Miso Soup 29 SAR

Tofu, seaweed & spring onion 100cal

Steamed Edamame 38 SAR

steamed soya beans, Maldon salt 110cal

Spicy Edamame 39 SAR

Sautéed soya beans, chili & kimchi 220cal

Popcorn Shrimp 133 SAR

creamy spicy sauce 290cal

Volcano Shrimp 133 SAR

wasabi mayo 90cal

Soft Shell Crab 79 SAR

crispy-fried blue crab, spicy mayo

Wagyu Beef Sliders 149 SAR

Creamy spicy sauce, truffle, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle 820ca

Scallop and Foie Gras Dumplings 99 SAR

pan-fried scallop & prawn dumplings,topped with foie grass

Chicken Gyoza 72 SAR

pan-fried dumplings with chicken & ginger

Mushroom Gyoza 72 SAR

pan-fried dumplings with Japanese mushrooms

Crispy Smoked Chicken 73 SAR

tempura smoked chicken, garlic crisps, shallots,chili-bean mayo

Wagyu Sando 299 SAR

wagyu fillet, japanese bread & katsu sauce 485 cal

Wagyu Beef Tataki 113 SAR

thinly sliced seared wagyu beef fillet, micro leaves,truffle shavings & ginger dressing

Marinated Yellowtail Sashimi 79 SAR

bell pepper salsa & shiso ponzu dressing

New Style Salmon Sashimi 74 SAR

marinated in yuzu soy, drizzled with hot sesame oil

Tuna Avocado Tartare 139 SAR

wasabi soy, crispy rice crackers

Salmon Avocado Tartare 89 SAR

wasabi soy, crispy rice crackers


crispy sushi rice, salmon & tuna tartare

Duck & Watermelon Salad 144 SAR

Crispy shredded duck meat, watermelon, cashew nuts, Asian herbs & sweet soy dressing 818cal

Alaskan Crab Salad 132 SAR

king crab, gem lettuce, avocado, crème fraiche & ponzu jelly 420cal

Mixed Leaf Salad 62 SAR

Served with Nozomi dressing 449cal

Black Truffle & Yuzu Burrata 116 SAR

crunchy beetroot & black pepper

Grilled Avocado Salad 74 SAR

lime dressing, micro leaves, crispy rice & cherry tomatoes

Baby Spinach Salad 43 SAR

With sesame dressing

Spicy Cucumber Salad 59 SAR

red yuzu kosho, sesame sauce 495 cal


Tuna(60cal) 68 SAR,Tuna Belly(60cal) 109 SAR,Yellowtail(60cal) 61 SAR, Salmon(70cal) 50 SAR, Prawn(70cal) 37 SAR, Sweet Water Eel(45cal) 54 SAR, King Crab(80cal) 65 SAR


Akami (120cal) 54 SAR, Toro (120cal) 90 SAR, Hamachi (120cal) 45 SAR, Sake (150cal) 43 SAR, Ebi (150cal) 32 SAR,Unagi (120cal) 43 SAR

Chan San Roll 125 SAR

Gulf prawn tempura, red pepper, avocado, sweet soy & spicy mayo 888cal

Black Cod Tempura Maki 89 SAR

miso marinated cod, green chili, spicy tomato sauce 250cal

Spider Roll 119 SAR

crispy soft shell crab, shiso leaves, avocado, tobiko & chili mayo 500cal

Seared Salmon Gold Roll 89 SAR

gold leaf, spicy miso & sweet gochujang sauce

Dynamite Shrimp Roll 99 SAR

prawn tempura, sweet potato, wasabi mayo & sweet kimchi sauce

Spicy Tuna 89 SAR

Tuna, miso gochujang & spicy mayo

Black Cod 239 SAR

Black Cod oven-baked, NOZOMI miso & pickled daikon 300cal

Tempura Gulf Prawns 144 SAR

Five long prawns, ponzu sauce

Chilean Sea-bass with Spiced Rice 248 SAR

Chilean sea bass fillet, orange miso, cumin &

Shaking Beef 350 SAR

Wagyu beef fillet flashed in the pan, yaki sauce

Warm Flashed Aubergine 68 SAR

Chili, coriander & sweet soy 220cal

Beef Takikomi-Gohan 108 SAR


Rice cooked in a clay pot, topped with sautéed beef and onions

Mushroom Takikomi-Gohan 108 SAR

Rice cooked in a clay pot with Japanese mushrooms

Steamed Rice 32 SAR

Sprinkled with black sesame  

Nozomi Baked Potato 68 SAR

yuzu kosho butter 

Truffle Mashed Potato 64 SAR

charred shiitake & chopped truffle 

Wagyu Fillet Kabocha 425 SAR

Wafu sauce & Japanese pumpkin puree 521cal

Beef Bulgogi 248 SAR

Black Angus beef, BBQ sauce & Negi puree 521cal

Spring Chicken 138 SAR

Chilli & lemon vinaigrette 494cal

Eton Mess 149 SAR

Break it, mix it, and enjoy it. Mixed berries, marshmallows, white chocolate, berry coulis and ice cream all tossed and mixed 970cal

Chef's Platter to Share 395 SAR

A combination of desserts, in-house ice cream and sorbets with exotic seasonal fruits 2690cal

Chocolate Fondant 88 SAR

Chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream 800cal

Nozomi Date Cake 98 SAR

Soft chiffon date cake served with toffee sauce 560cal

Crispy Crème Brulee 79 SAR

Served with toffee dip 520cal

Banana & Peanut Crumble 125 SAR

With toffee sauce and fresh vanilla cream 1630cal

Exotic Fruit Platter 99 SAR

An assortment of exotic seasonal fruit 1400cal

Organic Ice Cream 

Individual scoop 24 SAR

Sharing Portion of three scoops 65 SAR

Milk Ice Cream 130cal

Hazelnut & almond 140cal

Chocolate 130cal

Yogurt with honeycomb 120cal

salted caramel 140cal

Pistachio-cardamom 130cal

Vanilla Bean 140cal

Roasted Peanutbutter 140cal

Yogurt with cherry compote 120cal

Lavender 130cal

Fresh Fruit Sorbet

Individual scoop 22 SAR

Sharing Portion of three scoops 65 SAR

 Cantaloupe Melon 120cal

Roasted Banana 120cal

Raspberry 120cal

Baked apple and sour cherry cal

Alphonso Mango 120cal

Pomegranate Zaku 55 SAR

Pomegranate & lemon juice, passion fruit, blueberries 170 cal

Smoking Dragon 55 SAR

Raspberries, peach puree, yuzu juice, jasmine tea, saffron 180 cal

Arashi 49 SAR

Pomegranate & lemon juice, raspberries, smoky cinnamon syrup 60 cal

Smoking Pumpkin 55 SAR

Pumpkin puree, lychee juice, passion fruit, tobacco syrup, coconut milk 330 cal

Arabic Mango 55 SAR

Fresh Mango puree, apple juice, cardamom syrup. 210 cal

Tropical 55 SAR

Passion fruit, mango puree, mint, pineapple juice. 170 cal

Japanese Mint Lemonade 55 SAR

Mint, lemon & yuzu juice, ginger syrup 200 cal

Mixed Berry Mojito 55 SAR

NOZOMI Signature - raspberries, blackberries, mint, fresh limes, cranberry juice 360 cal

Watermelon Sori 55 SAR

Watermelon juice, basil leaves, strawberry puree 320 cal


Honey, ginger & fresh mint with lemon, apple & pomegranate juice 150 cal


Bell peppers, jalapeno, cucumber, lemon & pineapple juice 130 cal


Lime, mint, sugar, apple juice, soda water 160 cal


 Passion fruit puree, lime, mint, sugar, apple juice, soda water 290 cal

Soft Drinks 18 SAR

Pepsi 100cal

Diet Pepsi 0cal

7Up 130cal

Diet 7Up 0cal

Mirinda 130cal

Coca Cola 100cal

Sprit 110cal

Fanta Orange 200cal

Tea Premium Collection 

Ask your waiter for more information about our special tea collections

Nozomi Special Coffee Collection

Ask your waiter about Nozomi's coffee collection

Strawberry Mojito 55 SAR

Strawberry puree, lime, mint, sugar, apple juice, soda water 310 cal

Voss Sparkling & Still Water

Small - 29 SAR

Large - 46 SAR

Flaming Heart 55 SAR

Passion fruit, homemade ginger beer, pomegranate & lemon juice, red chili

Cherry Garden 55 SAR

Cherry & Rhubarb puree, raspberry puree, alcohol-free red wine, vanilla syrup

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